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Answers To Common Brushback Baseball Questions

How do I get my player on a team?

Each night that games sim, contracts are offered to players that are under level 20 and do not already have contract contract offers.

In order to accept a contract for your player, follow these steps-

  1. Go to the player's home page.
  2. On the far left menu, click the button that says Contracts Available.
  3. At the bottom of each offer you will see two buttons- Accept and Reject. Click the Accept button for the contract you wish to accept for your player. The remaining contracts will be automatically rejected.
On your player's home page, check to see that he is now listed as being on the team you want. His team appears just below his name.

Will my player play in the games?

It depends on what type of team your player is on. If you are on a CPU controlled team, your player will always be first-string over other CPU controlled players. This will give your player playing time in the game, and is true regardless of whether the CPU controlled player has better stats or not.

If another human-owned player, of the same position, who has better attributes is on that same CPU controlled team then it will be a bit different. That will player will start and receive more playing time. However, your player will still always receive playing time by fact that it is on a CPU owned team.

If your player is on a human owned team, then it is solely up to the owner of that team. If you believe your player is being unfairly treated, please take it up with the owner of that team or find a new team to play on. The administrators of Brushback Baseball will not force a team owner to start one player over another.

When are games simulated?

Games are simulated at 6:30 PM pacific standard time.

During the regular season, 5 games are simulated each day until the 162 game season is completed. On the final (33rd) day of the regular season, only the remaining 2 regular season games are simulated.

During the playoffs, each round of the playoffs is simulated every other day with Round 1 being simulated on day 34. Round 2 is simulated on day 36, the Conference Championship is simulated on day 38, and the League Championship is simulated on day 40.

Day 40 is the final day of the season.

How do I see how my player did in yesterday's games?

Game stats are accessible through the team page of the team your player plays for. One way to access the team page is through your player's home page. Just under your player's name you will see the name of the team your player is on. Click the team name, and you will be redirected to the team's main page.

All game stats are available through the team's Schedule page which can be found by clicking on the "Schedule" button on the left-hand side of the screen. The Schedule page will show you a list of all the games that have been, and will be, played. From this list you can select the game that interests you.

Game stats for the most recently simulated games are linked from the "Recent Games" portion of the team page's "Schedule and Results" section.

How many games are played in each round of the playoffs?

Each playoff round is a best of 7 series; win 4 games and your team advances.

My player gained only 30 xp in a playoff series even though he played in several games and did reasonably well - does this seem right?

That is about right. Experience points are awarded for two kinds of activities 1) general involvement in baseball and 2) game activities. During playoffs only the general involvement xp are awarded to all players; game xp are not awarded during playoffs.

See the help page that explains how experience points are awarded (under the Player Info heading).

Do my players get any rest after the regular season before the playoffs begin?

Yes, all players get 1 day of extra rest before the playoffs begin. Players only get 1 day of rest to emulate the effect of a full season's wear and tear. (The choice of 1 day was based on user voting in the polls.)

Do my players get any rest between rounds of the playoffs?

Yes, all players in the playoffs get half a day of rest between each round of the playoffs. Players only get a half day of rest to emulate the effect of a full season's wear and tear. (The choice of half a day of rest is based on user voting in the polls.)

If my team wins their playoff series in less than the full 7 games, do they get any extra rest?

Yes, all the players on your team get a half day of extra rest for each day that they didn't have to play. For example, if your team wins in 5 games, all the players on your team will get an extra full day of rest.

When is the roster freeze/trade deadline?

Rosters are frozen after 120 games have been played. The are unfrozen at the end of the playoffs.

Can I resign my team's players during the roster freeze?

Yes, teams may resign their own players during the roster freeze. They may not sign free agents or players off of other teams.

What happens when a season ends?

There will be a few day offseason during which a few things will happen. 1) We'll roll Brushback Baseball over to a new season. 2) We'll try to accommodate the demand for new teams by adding new leagues as needed. 3) Since we'll try to avoid making major game changes late in the season, we'll use this time to add new game features and updates.

During the offseason, your player will not gain experience points, however your player will continue to receive 2 training points each day throughout the entire offseason.

How do I get more Brushback Points?

There are two ways to get more Brushback points.

The first way is to purchase Brushback points for a small fee. From the homepage of your account, click the "Brushback Points" option on the left column. This will take you to the purchasing page (all purchases are handled through PayPal). To make things easier for you, there are many different purchasing options to choose from. Look the options over, because the packages that offer more points come with bigger discounts. Once you have decided on the package that meets your needs, select "Buy Now!" in that row. This will redirect you to a page where you can make your purchase through PayPal's safe and secure program. Purchasing points through our site is safe and secure. If you would like, please see our security policy here:

You can gain 50 Brushback Points by successfully referring other players to this game. To get points by referring someone else.

  1. You must give them the referral link (a url) that has your code so we know you made the referral.
    • To find this link, from your home page, click on the Referrals button on the far left menu.
    • Once at your referral page, copy and paste the referral link (it's in the second sentence from the top).
  2. The person you refer must
    • create a Brushback Baseball account and
    • use the account at least once within 3 to 30 days after they created their account.

During Brushback Baseball's first season, we will allow each user 100 referrals. After season one, we will allow each user 20 referrals per season.

How do I improve my player?

There are three ways that you can improve your player's performance. Each way is unique in its ability to help your player. By this, I mean that some ways are easier to implement, but do not affect player attributes as strongly.

The first way is using "Player Points" to directly increase that value of certain attributes. To do this, go to your player's home page and select "Improve Hitting" or "Improve Pitching" depending on the position of your player. From there, you will be directed to a page that allows you select which attributes you would like to improve. Also, you will be informed how many "Player Points" it will cost to improve that attribute by one point.

If your player has no Player Points left, but you would still like to use this method to improve the attributes do not despair. You have the option of to "Boost" your player. This can be done from your Home page. Select "Boost Players" on the left hand side. You will now be asked to select which player you would like to boost. For more information about player Boosts, please see the "How do I Boost my player, and what does it do?" section below.

The second way to improve your player is through the player equipment page. This can be accessed from any player specific page. Just click "Equipment" on the left hand side, and you will be directed to the equipment page. From this page you can select what type of equipment your player will use. Each piece of equipment will give bonuses to your player's attributes in different ways. It is up to you to select which attributes should receive the bonus.

There is one special piece of equipment, however. It allows you to select any two attributes to improve for your player. It is called the "Custom Equipment" piece, and the benefits to using this are clear. However, being able to use this piece of equipment costs a small amount of Brushback points. The decision of whether or not to use this equipment is solely up to you.

Finally, the last way to improve your player is through player tactics. This can be accessed from player specific page. Simply click "Player Tactics" on the left hand side. Here you can select what player tactics to change, and how you would like to affect the attributes and playing style of your particular player. Please see "What do the different tactical settings do?" section below.

How do I boost my player, and what does boosting do?

Boosting your player can be done from your Home page. Click "Boost Players" from the options on the left hand side. You will now be asked to select which player you would like to boost, and how many boosts you want to give to that player.

You have the option of boosting a player one, two, or three times a season, at a respective cost of 200, 400, or 600 Brushback points. Once you select how many boosts you would like, and confirm, for a specific player, the decision is final. You may boost a player once, and then a week later boost him again. However, you may not boost a player more than three times in a single season. We believe that limiting boosts in this fashion to a certain number of times per season will keep the game competitive, but still giving an advantage to those who would like to use this strong benefit for their player.

Boosting your player increases that player's level which gives that player an extra amount of Player points. For each boost, 20** Player points will be added to the player of one's choosing. You can then use these points to increase the attributes of your player, making him a better player in many different ways, and more desirable to other teams. How you use the Player points is totally up to you.

** Each time your player goes up a level (including by boosting), your player has a small chance (based on the player's passion) of gaining an extra Player point or so.

Will an attribute become more expensive to improve (i.e.cost more Player Points to improve) after
I use custom equipment to improve it?

Well, each piece of custom equipment costs 100 points and only 6 pieces can be purchased, so the maximum cost of custom EQ is 600 points.

Now to adress your question the answer is no, the cost in increasing a given attribute either through training or through points is given it's natural value (that is before any equipment bonus).

Here are a couple of hints on how to best use equipment. Keep in mind that Speed and Power, in particular, get more expensive than the other attributes as they increase since they are "tied." Also stamina always costs 4 Player Points to increase as does loft (4 points to either increase or decrease).

From the other side, adding one piece of custom equipment will always result in a +1 to its attribute. This is true whether the piece of custom equipment is applied when the attribute valus is 14 or 64.

What do the different tactical settings do?

Tactics settings are subtle changes you can apply to the way your player reacts in the game. Some tactics give slight boosts to specific attributes for your player. While other tactics merely change decisions your player makes during the game.

The tactics that affect different attributes describe which bonuses will be given. It is up to you as the player manager to decide if you want to focus these slight tactical bonuses on specific attributes, or spread them out to make your player well-rounded.

The tactics that affect the decision making of the player require more subtle knowledge of one's own player. They do not affect stats, but the value to the tactic is affected by certain stats. For example, "Base Running Tactics" change how likely your player is to try to go from first to third on a single. If your player has a highly advanced "speed" attribute you may consider setting this tactic to aggressive. On the other hand, if you just want your player to make it on base, then you might consider "play it safe" option. There is no right or wrong for these options, merely what is the best way to take advantage of your player's attributes.

Is it possible to download any of the stats (for later analysis)?

Yes, all the statistics tables can have this done. Select the group of cells you want, copy them (ctrl+c), and paste (ctrl+v) into any spreadsheet program.

How many messages can I have in my inbox and outbox?

Each user is allowed 100 messages in their inbox and 100 messages in their outbox. So that messages sent to admin accounts aren't lost, we've increased the quota for the admin accounts to 400 messages.

Is it possible to delete multiple messages at the same time from my inbox?

It is possible to delete multiple messages that are consecutive in order.

While holding down Shift, left-click the top and bottom messages (at that point the whole group of adjacent messages should be highlighted), then click delete.

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