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Player Equipment

When you create your player, FREE equipment (EQ) becomes available for him! Each piece of equipment provides an increase to one of your player's attributes. As your player ages, more FREE EQ is available.

You get FREE EQ in each of 3 areas:

If you have a pitcher you can put--

  • 1 piece of EQ in "Pitching Jersey"
  • 1 piece of EQ in "Mental"
  • 1 piece of EQ in "Fielding"

If you have a batter, you can put--
  • 1 piece of EQ in "Batting Helmet"
  • 1 piece of EQ in "Mental"
  • 1 piece in "Fielding"

More FREE EQ becomes available when your player reaches level 10, again when he reaches level 20, again at level 30, level 40, etc. It is available, but you have to select it for your player.

To add EQ for your player, click on the "Equipment" button on your home page.

If your player has this ORANGE circle: by his name, that means your player isn't using all his available EQ! Click on your player's ORANGE circle to go the EQ page as shown in the image below.

You can tell which attributes were already increased by EQ you added - Look on your player's home page and the numbers of those attributes that have EQ are bold and blue.

To make your player even better, you can obtain additional EQ by using Brushback points at "Custom Cleats" on the Equipment page.

All EQ can be moved to another attribute any time for free throughout your player's career. This includes Custom EQ.

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