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Welcome to the Brushback Baseball FAQ

Brushback Baseball is based on the game of baseball. Wikipedia has an excellent description of the game of baseball. MLB also has a link giving detailed rules on how the game is scored.

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Especially For New Users

Thanks to the experienced agents who put together the pages in this and the Video Help sections - they tell you new agents what you need to know.

  • Brushback basics are explained here.
  • Colonel's How To Create a player, improve his abilities, and get him on a team .
  • Jaybee's very thorough, step-by-step Guide for New Team Owners. (You must log in first to view this.)

  • Video Help

    Thanks to Tigerman for beginning video help on Brushback Baseball.

  • New Owners - Use the search tab to find players in the Developmental League, by Tigerman.
  • New Owners - How to re-sign players currently on your team by offering a contract for next season, by Tigerman.
  • New Owners - 5-day lineups - setting lineups and batting order for your team, by Tigerman.
  • New Owners - Set up the pitching depth chart - set the starting pitcher rotation and assign roles to relief pitchers, by Tigerman.
  • Team Tactics - Setting tactics for stealing bases, by Tigerman.

  • FAQ/Help

  • Please read the terms of use.
  • We've compiled a list of answers to many common questions.
  • Info about player awards.
  • We've provided a list of common (and some less common) baseball abbreviations.
  • We've written a few words on sim realism.
  • More Help available once you've logged in.

  • Player Info

  • Player Types - View a short description of the player types and each type's ALGs, including the new types added for season 45.
  • Player Attributes - View a short description of the player attributes.
  • Player Equipment - Read a short description about player equipment.
  • Much more Player Info available once you've logged in.

  • Team Info

  • Help on using team relief pitcher tactics (which were added for season 20).
  • We've put together a few words describing a team's manager and general manager positions.
  • Much more Team Info available once you've logged in.

  • League Info

  • You have to log in first to see this information.

  • Stealing and Pickoffs

  • You have to log in first to see this information.

  • Start playing baseball now!

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