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Brushback Basics for New Users

1) You've made a player. Now you can get on a team by accepting one of three contracts offered to your player by a cpu team.* A cpu team is fine to start at the beginning of your player's career, and the cpu will make sure your player gets near maximum experience.

2) Accept a contract offer. In order to place your player on a team, follow these steps-

    Go to the player's home page On the far left menu, click the button that says Contracts Available. At the bottom of each offer you will see two buttons- Accept and Reject. Click the Accept button for the contract you wish to accept for your player. The remaining contracts will be automatically rejected.

On your player's home page, check to see that he is now listed as being on the team you want. His team appears just below his name.

3) Click on the equipment button and get some free equipment for your player (you will get more free equipment at level 10 and every multiple of 10).†

Pro tip: put as much of your first equipment in stamina to increase the number of games in which your player's plays. You can shift the equipment later when your player's stamina is higher.

4) Five games are simmed every night at 6:30 Pacific. Each day that games are simmed:

  1. a) You will get experience points.‡
  2. b) You will get 2 training sessions.¤
  3. c) Your player will generate stats from his play.

5) See how your player is doing.

  1. a) Check the individual stats that show up on the player's page (click the stats button on the player's home page).
  2. b) Compare your player to his teammates (from the team home page, click the stats button and you can compare your player's performance to your teammates).

* If these offers are rejected, free agent players get new offers each night after the games have been simulated.

† You can also obtain additional equipment by using Brushback points at the batting glove. You can tell which attributes are affected by equipment because on your player's home page, the numbers of those attributes that have equipment are in bold and blue. You can move the equipment around. You might start with equipment in stamina, but later, you might want to take it out of stamina and put it in concentration or one of the other attributes. (Stamina will always cost 4, but other attributes will increase in cost.)

‡With every gain of 1000 experience points, you will go up a level and will receive 20 player improvement points to spend.

¤Each time you want to train your player it will consume 3 training sessions. You can accumulate up to 16 training sessions, but use them or lose them at this point.

If you want your player on a human-owned team, there are three main ways to find a team:

1) Advertise in the main forum at the "Players looking for a team" thread.

2) Check the main forum at the "Teams Recruiting Players" thread to see if a team in your league is looking for a player at your position and level.

3) Contact a team owner or manager directly and ask if they'd like your player.

You will want to develop your player in your own way; there is more than one way in Brushback Baseball to make a great player. And feel free to ask for advice in the main forum; there's always someone who will take the time to answer.

Start playing baseball now!

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